Probably you stopped by this page wondering who behind the brand is. We would like to share a bit about us and why we started From The Soul.

Sinamaria's vision of creating a brand that offers fashionable and stylish clothes but at the same time ensure sustainability came to reality in summer 2017. The idea was to offer people a vintage market where we beforehand carefully collected pieces from fleamarkets, our grandma ́s basement or just clothing that our parents wouldn ́t wear anymore but came back to fashion for our generation. We made sure that all the items were clean and in a good condition.  At the same time we embroidered shirts and caps with our FROM THE SOUL Logo to give people the opportunity to support and represent what we stand for. Offering stylish clothes for a reasonable price and all the materials are produced in a fair way. FROM THE SOUL is still growing fast and the number of requests are getting higher. Thats why I decided to create a homepage and an online store to make it easier for our supporters to see what's in stock and to keep you updated about new collections and projects. At the moment we are especially active in the urban dance scene and work in collaborations with different events and projects and hope to spread our brand and our message even further!


Peace & Love,

From The Soul

$1 Tage
$2 Std
$3 Protokoll
$4 Zweite